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Voila artwork on Society6

27 Jan

Another artwork of mine is now available for sale on Society6. My favorite is the throw pillow and iPhone case. Do check it out and share it with others.

PUMA 12 inch Vinyl Cover Concepts

17 Aug

My attempts at making an LP cover for a PUMA.They had this thing where they asked people to send in covers for a 12″ LP Album. These were the concepts I sent in:

The First is this half  BlackPuma- half hindu-god style character. It has 9 pairs of hands (cat’s nine lives) and it’s standing on top of an LP . Pretty basic but it helped me as it was my first sketch to illustration attempt. Everything was developed from a sketch, which is a feat considering my stinky drawing skills.

The other one:

This was a simpler design. An LP with a lot of texture on the background. A quarter of the disc is a more intense texture of a gunny sack and was an attempt to disrupt the regularity of the design.  This one looks awesome in print.

Lets see what the folks at Puma think but I’m glad I got a chance to do some active practice.

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