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Steve Jobs, the apple of our eye

4 Oct

5th of October last year, the world lost an icon, a pioneer, a celebrated commander of one the biggest technological armies in the world. Steve Jobs was no less than Napoleon or Alexander in his quests and much bigger in his victories and fame. He was a rockstar, his keynotes were no less than a mega preview of some hidden STAR WARS reel and his awesome detached, cool attitude will always be something he is both loved and hared for.

His fans or Apple fans are like a cult, praying to the almighty JOBS for power and technological superiority and no matter how irritating we might get with cliched “so you dont have an Iphone?”.

Anyways, a long write- up on his accomplishment would be awesome to remember him, but there are already such amazing articles about Mr. Apple and his achievements.

However, There is something I would like to add, for all that he has  done, launched, created and everything in all, what inspires me  the most is that he took things that had already been made (mp3 player, touch phone , tablet computers) and reinvented them.

In today’s world where we sometimes feel everything has been done and everything’s already been made, it is people like Steve Jobs who completely change something good and make it AWESOME and give  meaning to words like innovation and re-invention.

No matter what his flaws were(mostly personal), Steve Jobs made life better and more fun for millions of people and no one can doubt that.

After 1 year of you being gone, We miss you.

RIP Steve

FYI and Fun Stuff

Check these videos out What apple fanatic say 1 and What apple fanatic say 2. ( Don’t judge me, they are just funny)

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How can we change our country? RESPECT. LOVE . PEACE .

21 Aug

Today a status on a Facebook status led to a discussion on how we are incapable of making changes to our country, India, ‎and how one person cannot lead to a change. Somewhere in the discussion I realized that we need to make small starts to achieve the bigger goal of a nationwide change.

Some things we can do at a personal level with great ease to bring change are:

1. Being respectful to people around you; rich, poor, challenged, disabled,normal, minority or majority, everyone should get respect.

2. Following  as many laws as you can. Stop at a red light; wear your seat belt to start with.

3. Avoiding doing anything which when you see someone else doing irritates you. (Peeing in public, Spitting, Swearing, Leching)

4. Paying taxes.

5. Respecting women (probably the most important of all) 

6. Letting go of all the unnecessary ego and outdoing nature.

7. Letting people cross roads instead of driving at them in full speed

8. Throwing trash in a dustbin. Loving Nature, Respecting Laws.

9. Willingly get challaned instead of paying a bribe.

10. Helping your maid open a bank account.

11. Smiling when u see lots of people facing the same problem , like in a traffic jam.. Don’t honk.. Rather smile at people… in a long line instead of swearing and cutting in.. Just smile.

12. Encouraging other make these or other simple changes.

Now I’m not a person who dictates or acts like a know it all ,  but these are all the things I do to contribute at my level to ensure I do my bit. Everyone has there own methods but whats important is that we all do something.

I abide to everything I’ve said and except opening a bank account for our maid, I’ve done everything I’ve advised people to do.

Also the reason a lot of the advice is about traffic/ road ethics is because that is the moment when we have to interact with so many people without anyone observing us and this is when we are at our worst. In our homes and offices we are generally much more careful and civil , but the moment we step outside we behave like hooligans.

The bottom line is that when we start voluntarily respecting other people and their lives we can start hoping for a change. Love acts as a catalyst to this , an expediter in speeding up the change. Love helps people accept and spread the respect that comes their way. Peace, or our efforts at being at peace and maintaining it in society will then help us cement this change into society and also help us with people who are are against change.

This whole process is voluntary ,I guess, so any effort to force one’s beliefs and feelings will not work. It;s a slow yet steady change if we commit to it.

P.S. Click here for a highres version if you like that RLP poster 

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