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PUMA 12 inch Vinyl Cover Concepts

17 Aug

My attempts at making an LP cover for a PUMA.They had this thing where they asked people to send in covers for a 12″ LP Album. These were the concepts I sent in:

The First is this half  BlackPuma- half hindu-god style character. It has 9 pairs of hands (cat’s nine lives) and it’s standing on top of an LP . Pretty basic but it helped me as it was my first sketch to illustration attempt. Everything was developed from a sketch, which is a feat considering my stinky drawing skills.

The other one:

This was a simpler design. An LP with a lot of texture on the background. A quarter of the disc is a more intense texture of a gunny sack and was an attempt to disrupt the regularity of the design.  This one looks awesome in print.

Lets see what the folks at Puma think but I’m glad I got a chance to do some active practice.

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