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The Evolution of Dating As You Age

23 Feb

Scotch Reflections

Dating. One of the most fun and sometimes nerve-racking activities out there. Regardless of whether your end goal is just having a good time or slapping a ring on that finger, strategy is different for each person and changes as they age.

Ever think about YOUR approach to dating? Let’s take a look at how stereotypes change over the years and examples of what not to do.

K-12: “The Wonder Years”

1(If you don’t get “The Wonder Years” reference I should slap you.) This is when kids start to realize they have a thing called “feelings” for other people. Most times, it happens before puberty hits so you may act like an idiot with that special crush but at least you’re not doing it cuz of something in your pants (yet).

Getting a First Date 
Teasing and hair-pulling (yes, this applies to grade school and high school). Impressing the…

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Dedicated to victims in Boston and every single victim ever.

16 Apr

Dedicated to victims in Boston and every single victim ever.

No matter how hard any ever tries, No matter how much they try to terrorize you. No matter how much hate they spread.
This typography is done by on of my favorite designers Jay Roeder

7 Feb

Wooooaahhhh!!! .. I’m spinning like a tea pot 😛

I love such loopy gif’s and they sometimes make me (and others also i’m sure) hypnotized.

Richard Wiseman

@genemachine3 sent me this great animated gif – and it makes my brain hurt.  Can you figure it out?


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The Logo Giveaway

16 Dec


Christmas is a few days away and i’m in the gifting/giving mood.

So what I plan to do is make a logo or header or background for someone’s blog.  And I’m going to do this for as many people as possible.  If you like it, you keep it!! If you don’t, no harm done.

So if someone wants one, just let me through a comment or inbox me (

And till the time I get requests I will choose blogs on random and make them something 🙂





The Selfish Artist

3 Oct

A very common thing I see with a lot folks into design, art, photography, fashion designers and other digital artists is that they feel hesitant sharing their work and even when they do there are these huge watermarks on it.I don’t understand whats with the insecurity, nothing is un-stealable and it take hardly a few minutes to remove a copyright watermark.

The purpose of being an artist is creating new beautiful things and this purpose loses its meaning when we don’t share what we make. Though its right to want to secure your rights and ownership of a piece, I feel its better if you spread your work wide enough to disaude any one from robbing you of your credit.

Social media has made this really easy and platforms like Pinterest, Behance and Tumblr are great at insuring proper credit to creators. Spreading your work on these with a small mark of your website or web portfolio at the bottom is all you need to do. It’s not like this remove any chances of people stealing your work, but this will enable you to have more people know who originally made it.

I personally feel that even if someone does copy your work, they can never create more of the same kind. Your signature work style and design essence can never be duplicated and these are truly only yours. So let them nick a few artworks, let them ctrl-c ctrl-v all they want because what you made once you can make more of and even better.

Talent is only talent if spread, otherwise its just potential.

If someone ever wanted to copy anything I made (though I doubt it :P), I would just love to give them the open file.

——– EDIT (10/10/12)

This perfectly illustrates the absurdity of watermarks by showing what would it be like if masters of photography used watermarks.


Hello World/ Note to self

23 Jul

The hello world post is a tradition/custom that has to be done even if its futile. Its more like letting yourself know that you’ve started a blog than for telling others. So its rather a note to self, like a letter of intent or something like that.  This must be my sixth or seventh  “Hello World” post but somehow this time I feel its not going to be the only one. *FINGERS CROSSED* .

Firstly the name has nothing to do with what I will be doing. It just sounds cool and easy to recall. better for me since i’ve started so many blogs and never went back because I found the names to hard to remember.

Next I will write about what I do or think on a normal basis, so I doubt anything intellectual will come up. A lot to with graphic design probably, my new hobby,  and music maybe. I don’t know.

Well that crosses a 150 words. Ho gaya shagun!! jai bhole nath!!

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