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Freedom of speech my ass!!!

20 Nov

“People like Bal Thackeray are born and die daily and one should not observe a bandh for that” .

Do these few words warrant the arrest of 2 teenage girls?

They do, according to some followers of the recently passed away leader.

In the past few months we have had incessant attacks on people sharing their opinion on social media platforms or print media.

Aseem trivedi, was arrested for his cartoons which “supposedly” depicted various national politicians/ symbols in bad light.

Politicians have had so many people arrested for comments and opinions against them. Are these people proud of what they do, throwing their weight around to catch innocent people expressing their opinion? Freedom of speech has become only for the namesake and all in power seem to be muffling all voices rising in disapproval.

What is wrong if people are not satisfied with the current state of the country, what is wrong if people accuse politicians of wrong doing. Every politician or government employee is valid to be scrutinized for his actions, comments and  opinions.

How can those who we appoint to run our nation stop us from expressing our displeasure? The country is headed towards a state of anarchy with every other leader exerting his will on the public.

And what can we do about it? Nothing, absolutely zero. Not that i am a pessimist but things have spiraled out of control and there is no one left to honestly serve the purpose of the people and the nation.

We all have started living with the aim to make our lives better with no concern for the effects of our actions. The corruption of politician is just the same story, just magnified with proportion to his reach into the pockets of others.

WordPress Bloggers India, facebook community

15 Nov

I was searching for a Facebook community for WordPress Bloggers from India  and couldn’t find any so I created one.

I think a community will help find people of similar backgrounds and look at their work. I’m even thinking of starting a separate group if the page gets decent response.

Go like it and share posts just make sure no spam or obscene content/ blog link is posted.

Happy Dipawali

13 Nov

Diwali or Dipawali is probably the biggest and most significant festival of India.  Though its a hindu festival its celebrated by all religions with equal fervor, you can read more about it here or here.


24 Oct



Sometimes you find some one who makes you feel so amazing that you just want to become a part of them forever, just want to dissolve into them.

Antsy Pantsy

18 Oct


I have always had a special corner for ants. It starts from my name, Anant, which in hindi means Eternal/ infinity, but its conveniently remembered as An – ant.

Then in school my English teacher used to call me “mr. ants in his pants”, owing to my restless leg.

And so on, I just think ants are pretty cool, they carry a 100 times there weight, work in co-ordination and what not.


P.s. I like the blue one the most, however, if you feel differently let me know 🙂

Forbidden Fruit

13 Oct

Flavors a million in my mouth

Some steady some transient

Some that linger and remind me of the source


None is however as pulling as the taste I ache to tongue

The fruit so unfairly unreachable

The root to all my fantasies, the seed to numerous day dreams


It was on a cold night when all was red and my heart was dark

That my eyes sighted her,skin of earth and eyes of stars

So unlike the others who seemed like clones keyed into synchronization


My eyes did not find another that night,

Though her’s were not even once drawn to mine and each of her smiles i fictioned to be aimed at me

For all i cared i was hers ,and didn’t care about the reverse


Never had my daring fallen short

or my tongue rolled so back into my throat

Never had words become so extinct

Never had invisibility seemed as the most prized ability


She was all that i could not have,

My out reaching hand was immediately slapped back

Just for the lack of years i was unjusted,

or was it my lack of prudence

  I’ve never been inclined towards writing poems but sometimes somethings just prompt you to pen down your feelings. I wrote this in 2008 but never had anyone or anyplace to share this.

Also this might be grammatically or “technically” un poetic but I have rarely written anything at all. So forgive me if didn’t do this right.

Steve Jobs, the apple of our eye

4 Oct

5th of October last year, the world lost an icon, a pioneer, a celebrated commander of one the biggest technological armies in the world. Steve Jobs was no less than Napoleon or Alexander in his quests and much bigger in his victories and fame. He was a rockstar, his keynotes were no less than a mega preview of some hidden STAR WARS reel and his awesome detached, cool attitude will always be something he is both loved and hared for.

His fans or Apple fans are like a cult, praying to the almighty JOBS for power and technological superiority and no matter how irritating we might get with cliched “so you dont have an Iphone?”.

Anyways, a long write- up on his accomplishment would be awesome to remember him, but there are already such amazing articles about Mr. Apple and his achievements.

However, There is something I would like to add, for all that he has  done, launched, created and everything in all, what inspires me  the most is that he took things that had already been made (mp3 player, touch phone , tablet computers) and reinvented them.

In today’s world where we sometimes feel everything has been done and everything’s already been made, it is people like Steve Jobs who completely change something good and make it AWESOME and give  meaning to words like innovation and re-invention.

No matter what his flaws were(mostly personal), Steve Jobs made life better and more fun for millions of people and no one can doubt that.

After 1 year of you being gone, We miss you.

RIP Steve

FYI and Fun Stuff

Check these videos out What apple fanatic say 1 and What apple fanatic say 2. ( Don’t judge me, they are just funny)

And If you want to read some nice writeups on Steve Jobs check these out:,62926/


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