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Forbidden Fruit

13 Oct

Flavors a million in my mouth

Some steady some transient

Some that linger and remind me of the source


None is however as pulling as the taste I ache to tongue

The fruit so unfairly unreachable

The root to all my fantasies, the seed to numerous day dreams


It was on a cold night when all was red and my heart was dark

That my eyes sighted her,skin of earth and eyes of stars

So unlike the others who seemed like clones keyed into synchronization


My eyes did not find another that night,

Though her’s were not even once drawn to mine and each of her smiles i fictioned to be aimed at me

For all i cared i was hers ,and didn’t care about the reverse


Never had my daring fallen short

or my tongue rolled so back into my throat

Never had words become so extinct

Never had invisibility seemed as the most prized ability


She was all that i could not have,

My out reaching hand was immediately slapped back

Just for the lack of years i was unjusted,

or was it my lack of prudence

  I’ve never been inclined towards writing poems but sometimes somethings just prompt you to pen down your feelings. I wrote this in 2008 but never had anyone or anyplace to share this.

Also this might be grammatically or “technically” un poetic but I have rarely written anything at all. So forgive me if didn’t do this right.

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