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Voila artwork on Society6

27 Jan

Another artwork of mine is now available for sale on Society6. My favorite is the throw pillow and iPhone case. Do check it out and share it with others.


Death to Kasab, Victory to India

21 Nov


Today, 21/11/2012, Abdul Amir Kasab, the only attacker in the 2008 Mumbai Terrorist attacks was hanged.

Though everyone would agree that this a case of delayed justice it is still a proof of the fact that we as a nation have managed to act against terrorism despite all the hurdles of red tape and procedures.

I doubt that this will dissuade further attacks but something for once has been done to satisfy the demands of the public.

166 souls shall  now find peace.

Rawr in Woods

2 Nov

a little monster in the woods

An illustration for the Illustration Friday topic “Haunt”.

Its the first time I’ve tried merging photos and illustration.

Btw. this is a picture I took in Wachusett, MA.


25 Oct

Taj-Mahal Illustration

Taj Mahal is the greatest symbol for love. Mad, unreasonable crazy love, supported by the riches only an emperor can ever have.

Im on Society6!!!

25 Oct


Serge Ant Iphone Cover on Society6

The Antsy Pantsy illustration has become my first work to be printed, I’m super excited. Fingers crossed. There are 4 options: prints, iphone hard case, ipod skin and stationary cards. Go buy something  😛

Antsy Pantsy

18 Oct


I have always had a special corner for ants. It starts from my name, Anant, which in hindi means Eternal/ infinity, but its conveniently remembered as An – ant.

Then in school my English teacher used to call me “mr. ants in his pants”, owing to my restless leg.

And so on, I just think ants are pretty cool, they carry a 100 times there weight, work in co-ordination and what not.


P.s. I like the blue one the most, however, if you feel differently let me know 🙂


12 Oct

I always found french to be a very amusing language, I tried learning it at one point but was horrible at it.

..Omelette au fromage.. Reminds me of how Dexter got stuck on a single word. funny stuff
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