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My first blog award

27 Nov

First and Foremost, thank you Sapna, for this award and for all the support 🙂

This is my first ever award and I am deeply touched. Hope I keep up the good work.

SO time to pass the deed forward !!

Here are the rules to accept this award:

1 Select the blog(s) you think deserve the ‘Blog of the Year 2012’ Award
2 Write a blog post and tell us about the blog(s) you have chosen – there’s no minimum or maximum number of blogs required – and ‘present’ them with their award.
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ok, let’s start…

Blog of the Year Award 2012

Here are my nominations for the Blog of the year 2012 award:

Shruti for her mind blowing short stories with a crazy twist at the end.

Angel Perez his awesome illustration and creativity

ShovonC  for his amazing humor and unique take on Indian politics

Sapna for her candid take on life and yummy recipes

Imad Kafrani for his flair and deep meaning sketches.

Pass the deed forward and you can go upto getting 6 starts and even more 🙂

Death to Kasab, Victory to India

21 Nov


Today, 21/11/2012, Abdul Amir Kasab, the only attacker in the 2008 Mumbai Terrorist attacks was hanged.

Though everyone would agree that this a case of delayed justice it is still a proof of the fact that we as a nation have managed to act against terrorism despite all the hurdles of red tape and procedures.

I doubt that this will dissuade further attacks but something for once has been done to satisfy the demands of the public.

166 souls shall  now find peace.

Freedom of speech my ass!!!

20 Nov

“People like Bal Thackeray are born and die daily and one should not observe a bandh for that” .

Do these few words warrant the arrest of 2 teenage girls?

They do, according to some followers of the recently passed away leader.

In the past few months we have had incessant attacks on people sharing their opinion on social media platforms or print media.

Aseem trivedi, was arrested for his cartoons which “supposedly” depicted various national politicians/ symbols in bad light.

Politicians have had so many people arrested for comments and opinions against them. Are these people proud of what they do, throwing their weight around to catch innocent people expressing their opinion? Freedom of speech has become only for the namesake and all in power seem to be muffling all voices rising in disapproval.

What is wrong if people are not satisfied with the current state of the country, what is wrong if people accuse politicians of wrong doing. Every politician or government employee is valid to be scrutinized for his actions, comments and  opinions.

How can those who we appoint to run our nation stop us from expressing our displeasure? The country is headed towards a state of anarchy with every other leader exerting his will on the public.

And what can we do about it? Nothing, absolutely zero. Not that i am a pessimist but things have spiraled out of control and there is no one left to honestly serve the purpose of the people and the nation.

We all have started living with the aim to make our lives better with no concern for the effects of our actions. The corruption of politician is just the same story, just magnified with proportion to his reach into the pockets of others.

WordPress Bloggers India, facebook community

15 Nov

I was searching for a Facebook community for WordPress Bloggers from India  and couldn’t find any so I created one.

I think a community will help find people of similar backgrounds and look at their work. I’m even thinking of starting a separate group if the page gets decent response.

Go like it and share posts just make sure no spam or obscene content/ blog link is posted.

Happy Dipawali

13 Nov

Diwali or Dipawali is probably the biggest and most significant festival of India.  Though its a hindu festival its celebrated by all religions with equal fervor, you can read more about it here or here.

Why I’m falling in love with blogging

7 Nov

NOTE: Anyone who is a veteran at blogging might feel this is a silly post, but to me its a new experience and I wanted to share my experience with blogging.

I started blogging only a few months back and I’m still learning. I’m not even publicizing it, but in the short period I’ve had visitors from all over the world 🙂

Some from places I’ve never even heard of like  “Saint Vincent and the Grenadines”.

Now even though the  number of visitors isn’t that great its an amazing feeling when I see someone visit the blog .

This might feel like an over reaction considering the penetration of internet all over the world but knowing is very different from experiencing.

It’s like the first time you ride a bike or kiss a girl or sneak some whiskey from your fathers cabinet 😛 , its not a unique experience but to everyone its the same ecstatic rush when u do it for the first time.

Its a wonderful experience and every time I see someone from place new its just an amazing feeling and it makes the whole effort feel more fruitful.

And then, after some time you have some people frequently visiting your blog, liking posts and commenting, and it becomes a community experience.

You could take a look of the spread here:

(I’m still waiting for people from Australia, China or Alaska )

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