Steve Jobs, the apple of our eye

4 Oct

5th of October last year, the world lost an icon, a pioneer, a celebrated commander of one the biggest technological armies in the world. Steve Jobs was no less than Napoleon or Alexander in his quests and much bigger in his victories and fame. He was a rockstar, his keynotes were no less than a mega preview of some hidden STAR WARS reel and his awesome detached, cool attitude will always be something he is both loved and hared for.

His fans or Apple fans are like a cult, praying to the almighty JOBS for power and technological superiority and no matter how irritating we might get with cliched “so you dont have an Iphone?”.

Anyways, a long write- up on his accomplishment would be awesome to remember him, but there are already such amazing articles about Mr. Apple and his achievements.

However, There is something I would like to add, for all that he has  done, launched, created and everything in all, what inspires me  the most is that he took things that had already been made (mp3 player, touch phone , tablet computers) and reinvented them.

In today’s world where we sometimes feel everything has been done and everything’s already been made, it is people like Steve Jobs who completely change something good and make it AWESOME and give  meaning to words like innovation and re-invention.

No matter what his flaws were(mostly personal), Steve Jobs made life better and more fun for millions of people and no one can doubt that.

After 1 year of you being gone, We miss you.

RIP Steve

FYI and Fun Stuff

Check these videos out What apple fanatic say 1 and What apple fanatic say 2. ( Don’t judge me, they are just funny)

And If you want to read some nice writeups on Steve Jobs check these out:,62926/



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