The Selfish Artist

3 Oct

A very common thing I see with a lot folks into design, art, photography, fashion designers and other digital artists is that they feel hesitant sharing their work and even when they do there are these huge watermarks on it.I don’t understand whats with the insecurity, nothing is un-stealable and it take hardly a few minutes to remove a copyright watermark.

The purpose of being an artist is creating new beautiful things and this purpose loses its meaning when we don’t share what we make. Though its right to want to secure your rights and ownership of a piece, I feel its better if you spread your work wide enough to disaude any one from robbing you of your credit.

Social media has made this really easy and platforms like Pinterest, Behance and Tumblr are great at insuring proper credit to creators. Spreading your work on these with a small mark of your website or web portfolio at the bottom is all you need to do. It’s not like this remove any chances of people stealing your work, but this will enable you to have more people know who originally made it.

I personally feel that even if someone does copy your work, they can never create more of the same kind. Your signature work style and design essence can never be duplicated and these are truly only yours. So let them nick a few artworks, let them ctrl-c ctrl-v all they want because what you made once you can make more of and even better.

Talent is only talent if spread, otherwise its just potential.

If someone ever wanted to copy anything I made (though I doubt it :P), I would just love to give them the open file.

——– EDIT (10/10/12)

This perfectly illustrates the absurdity of watermarks by showing what would it be like if masters of photography used watermarks.



One Response to “The Selfish Artist”

  1. swikriti vaid October 14, 2012 at 2:29 am #

    Good stuff! =D

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