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And I’m back!!

29 Sep

Yes yes, nod your head, go all tsk tsk!!.. I know I decided I would post regularly!!

Just been involved with a lot of new stuff, design and otherwise.


1. I am now applying for MBA. I gave my GMATs last year and now its time to get on with the essays.

2. I jammed with a band again!! after 2 1\2 years of not playing drums , it felt awesome!!. Oh and this is the first time i’m playing BLUES!! ..

3. Started a design collab with a friend, its called THUMBPIXEL and its all the usual print,web design stuff to do some thing productive with what till now has only been a hobby.

That’s all the important stuff… a lot of usual work happening but c’est la vie!!

I’ll post the few design related things I did soon.


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